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Audio Signal ProcessingAudio Signal Processing
by Vesa Valimaki - MDPI AG , 2017
Audio signal processing is a highly active research field where digital signal processing theory meets human sound perception and real-time programming requirements. It has a wide range of applications in computers, gaming, music technology, etc.
Music and ComputersMusic and Computers
by Phil Burk, et al. - Columbia University , 2011
This book is intended as a user-friendly introduction to music and computers for college students. It provides a resource and guide for those just beginning to look at the field of computer music, as well as for more advanced computer composers.

Computer Music with Examples in SuperCollider 3Computer Music with Examples in SuperCollider 3
by David Michael Cottle - University of California, Santa Barbara , 2006
This is a compilation of course materials in Music Technology, Digital Synthesis, and Computer Assisted Composition. It blends electro-acoustic composition exercises with SC and OOP topics. The goal is getting actual sounds as quickly as possible.
Computer MusicComputer Music
- Wikipedia , 2014
Computer music is the applications of computing technology in music composition. It includes the theory and application of new and existing technologies and basic aspects of music, such as sound synthesis, digital signal processing, sound design...
Sonifying Processing: The Beads TutorialSonifying Processing: The Beads Tutorial
by Evan X. Merz , 2011
The book introduces audio programming to Processing programmers through the Beads library. It covers topics such as synthesis, sampling and general sound-mangling in such a way that is appropriate for beginners, or more experienced programmers.
Loadbang: Programming Electronic Music in Pure DataLoadbang: Programming Electronic Music in Pure Data
by Johannes Kreidler - Wolke Verlagsges. Mbh , 2009
The book is designed for self-study, principally for composers. It begins with explanations of basic programming and acoustic principles then gradually builds up to the most advanced electronic music processing techniques.
Perceptual Coding of Digital AudioPerceptual Coding of Digital Audio
by Ted Painter, Andreas Spanias - Arizona State University , 1999
This paper reviews algorithms for perceptually transparent coding of CD-quality digital audio. The authors concentrate on architectures of the techniques that utilize psychoacoustic models to exploit characteristics of the human receiver.
Physical Audio Signal ProcessingPhysical Audio Signal Processing
by Julius O. Smith III - , 2007
This book was developed for a course entitled 'Signal Processing Methods in Musical Acoustics'. The text was created primarily as a research preparation and dissemination vehicle intended for graduate students in computer music and engineering.
The Music Internet UntangledThe Music Internet Untangled
by Andy Breeding - Giant Path Publishing , 2004
A primer on the different types of online music services and how to use them for music discovery. Though somewhat dated, the fundamentals haven't changed. The chapters on the types of services and music information on the net have remained relevant.
2009 iPod + iPhone Buyers' Guide2009 iPod + iPhone Buyers' Guide
- iLounge , 2008
100 Best iPhone and iPod touch apps and games, top accessories, Best of the Year and Readers’ Choice Awards, iProvocateur and iPod As Art Winners, Complete History of iPod and iPhone Products, Buying and Selling iPods and iPhones, etc.
The Free iPod + iPhone Book 4The Free iPod + iPhone Book 4
by Jeremy Horwitz - iLounge , 2008
Free eBook on iPod and iPhone by iLounge. Over 20 world exclusive Sneak Peeks. Complete tutorials to all things iPod, iPhone, iTunes, and Apple TV. Beautiful photographs and images submitted by iLounge readers depict the Apple’s iPhone family.
The Theory and Technique of Electronic MusicThe Theory and Technique of Electronic Music
by Miller Puckette - World Scientific Publishing Company , 2006
This book develops the theory and the practice of synthesizing music using electronic techniques. The ideal reader is anyone who likes electronic music and wants to make electronic music from the ground up: oscillator, sampling, FM, filtering.
The Free iPod Book 3.0The Free iPod Book 3.0
by Jeremy Horwitz , 2007
The All Things iPod Guide: 15 sections of the version 3.0 iPod tutorial and accessories guide, tips on customizing, buying, selling, and repairing iPods, accessory recommendations, and ways to create great iPod video, music, and gaming content.