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An Introduction to the Smarandache Function

An Introduction to the Smarandache Function
by Charles Ashbacher

Publisher: Erhus Univ Pr 1995
ISBN/ASIN: 1879585499
ISBN-13: 9781879585492
Number of pages: 62

As one of the oldest mathematical disciplines, the roots of number theory extend back into antiquity. Problems are often easy to state, but extremely difficult to solve, which is the origin of their charm. All mathematicians have a soft spot in their hearts for the "purity" of the integers. In the 1970's a Rumanian mathematician Florentin Smarandache created a new function in number theory. The consequences of its simple definition encompass many areas of mathematics. The purpose of this text is to examine some of those consequences, giving the reader a taste for this unexplored territory.

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