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Troubleshooting Methodology for HomebrewTroubleshooting Methodology for Homebrew
by Jason Johnson - Smashwords , 2014
This is a short book intended for the novice to intermediate brewer or anyone interested in learning the basics of evaluating a beer. This book will help define many common beer flavors and aromas and their descriptions, both the good and the bad.
by Will Wesley, et al. - Wikibooks , 2011
This book aims to help you become a well rounded and versed master home brewer. You can use this book as part of a class led by an experienced instructor, however, determined students will certainly be able to use this material on their own.
Good Wine: The New BasicsGood Wine: The New Basics
by Richard Paul Hinkle - Silverback Books , 2005
Richard Hinkle shares his knowledge of the different varieties from aperitif to dessert wines and every red and white in between. You'll find all the key answers to your questions on tasting, creating a cellar and, more importantly, how to stock it.
Starting Your Own Wine BusinessStarting Your Own Wine Business
by W. C. Morris - The University of Tennessee , 2010
You have been making wine in your basement for several years and routinely receive accolades on how good your homemade wine tastes. Now you are trying to decide if you should start your own vineyard and build a commercial winery.

The Wine-Drinker's ManualThe Wine-Drinker's Manual
- Marsh and Miller , 1830
This book exhibits a sketchy outline of the most celebrated vineyards, and the several processes of wine-making in different countries: in short, it represents the general economy of one of the most interesting branches of human invention.
Six Arguments for a Greener DietSix Arguments for a Greener Diet
by Michael F. Jacobson - Center for Science in the Public Interest , 2006
Examination of scientific studies finds that eating more plant foods and fewer fatty animal products can lead to extra years of healthy living. This book is a description of the links between our diet and serious environmental and health problems.