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Kant's Philosophy of the UnconsciousKant's Philosophy of the Unconscious
by Piero Giordanetti (ed.) - De Gruyter Open , 2012
The unconscious, the other of consciousness, is a key problem of the critical philosophy. The purpose of the volume is to fill a substantial gap in Kant research and to offer a complete survey of the topic in different areas of research.
The Contents of Perceptual Experience: A Kantian PerspectiveThe Contents of Perceptual Experience: A Kantian Perspective
by Anna Tomaszewska - De Gruyter Open Ltd , 2014
The book addresses the debate on whether the representational content of perceptual experience is conceptual or non-conceptual, by bringing out the comparison between Kant s conception of intuition and contemporary accounts of non-conceptual content.
Consciousness and SubjectivityConsciousness and Subjectivity
by Sofia Miguens, Gerhard Preyer - De Gruyter Open Ltd , 2013
Issues of subjectivity and consciousness are dealt with in very different ways. This book brings together philosophers working on the continent with English-speaking philosophers to address specific issues regarding subjectivity and consciousness.

The Problem of TruthThe Problem of Truth
by Herbert Wildon Carr - Dodge Publishing Co. , 1913
The problem of truth is a problem of philosophy. It is not a problem of merely historical interest, but a present problem -- a living controversy, the issue of which is undecided. Its present interest centre round the doctrine of pragmatism.
Consolation of PhilosophyConsolation of Philosophy
by Boethius - E. Stock , 1897
A deep investigation into the nature of wisdom and the physical world. Making use of fiction and dialogue, Boethius takes the reader on a journey of philosophical inquiry and reflection that is as stimulating today as it was in the sixth century.
Thoughts are ThingsThoughts are Things
by Prentice Mulford - Feedbooks , 1889
Prentice Mulford was instrumental in the founding of the popular philosophy, New Thought, along with other notable writers. Mulford's book, Thoughts are Things served as a guide to this new belief system and is still popular today.
Where are the Zombies?Where are the Zombies?
by Kar Lee - Smashwords , 2010
Is there afterlife? What is the purpose of our existence? Can computers and robots be conscious, and wake up one day to ask this very same question? This book is an intriguing exploration on the nature of the conscious mind.
About What There Is: An Introduction to Contemporary MetaphysicsAbout What There Is: An Introduction to Contemporary Metaphysics
by T. Roy - California State University , 2009
Metaphysics is the study of certain very general and basic questions about what the world is like. Central to contemporary metaphysics are questions about what there is. These questions will be the focus of this introductory book.
Cosmic Consciousness: A Study in the Evolution of the Human MindCosmic Consciousness: A Study in the Evolution of the Human Mind
by Richard Maurice Bucke - Innes & Sons , 1905
The basic point of this book is that the human race is slowly and sporadically advancing in consciousness to a higher state that will eventually lift the species above the fear, ignorance and brutality that have plagued mankind throughout history.
Consciousness StudiesConsciousness Studies
- Wikibooks , 2007
Everyone has his or her own view of the nature of consciousness. The intention of this book is to expand this view by providing an insight into the various ideas and beliefs on the subject as well as a review of current work in neuroscience.
How We ThinkHow We Think
by John Dewey - D. C. Heath & Co. , 1910
A classic book about thinking. Dewey studies thought from the psychological and philosophical points of view and derives practical ideas for education. Useful book whether you are a student, teacher, or just interested in the world around you.
The Analysis of MindThe Analysis of Mind
by Bertrand Russell - George Allen And Unwin Limited. , 1922
One of Russell's most important and interesting books which reconciles the materialistic tendency of psychology with the anti-materialistic tendency of physics. The author unfolds his ideas on consciousness, instinct and habit, desire and feeling.
Freud and his CriticsFreud and his Critics
by Paul Robinson - University of California Press , 1993
In a witty, densely argued critique, Robinson levels the accusations of prominent anti-Freudians Frank Sulloway, Jeffrey Masson and Adolf Grunbaum. Robinson does an excellent job of explaining his opponents' arguments as well as his own.
Beyond Good and EvilBeyond Good and Evil
by Friedrich Nietzsche , 1913
Essential text for anyone interested in the development of recent thought. Nietzsche calls upon the philosophers to leave traditional morality behind and to move beyond good and evil in a more fulfilling attempt to affirm the potential of human life.