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An Invitation to MathematicsAn Invitation to Mathematics
by Arnold Dresden - H. Holt and Company , 1936
The author's aim is to give a reader an insight into the character of the important questions with which mathematics is concerned, to acquaint him with some of its methods, and to lead him to recognize its intimate relation to human experience.
The Manual of Mathematical MagicThe Manual of Mathematical Magic
by Peter McOwan - Queen Mary, University of London , 2010
Manual of Mathematical Magic is packed full of magical miracles to impress and entertain your friends. The secrets behind street magic, close-up and stage tricks are explained clearly with instructions and videos to help you perform them perfectly.
Mathematical DiscoveryMathematical Discovery
by A.M. Bruckner, B.S. Thomson, J.B. Bruckner - ClassicalRealAnalysis.com , 2011
This text is intended for a course introducing the idea of mathematical discovery, especially to students who may not be particularly enthused about mathematics as yet. The students could actually participate in the discovery of mathematics.
Analysis of PuzzlesAnalysis of Puzzles
by Umesh Nair , 2006
The goal of this work is to try to find the most general solution to many popular puzzles for which we normally heard only the particular problem. These mathematical puzzles often require specialized knowledge in some branch of Mathematics.

The World of MathematicsThe World of Mathematics
by Philipp Legner - Mathigon , 2012
The book showcases how fascinating mathematics can be, by explaining some of the most interesting mathematical ideas to children and the general public. Diagrams, videos, slideshows, problems and interactive games let the content come to life.
A Scrap-Book of Elementary MathematicsA Scrap-Book of Elementary Mathematics
by William F. White - The Open Court Publishing Company , 1908
The tendency to select the problems and illustrations of mathematics mostly from the scientific and commercial activities of today, is one with which the writer is in accord. Moreover, amusement is one of the fields of applied mathematics.
An Introduction to MathematicsAn Introduction to Mathematics
by A. N. Whitehead - Williams & Northgate , 1911
This distinguished book is an introduction to a series of mathematical concepts, a history of their development, and a concise summary of how today's reader may use them. An expertly written book by a brilliant man, filled with valuable insights.
The Solution of the Pyramid ProblemThe Solution of the Pyramid Problem
by Robert Ballard - John Wiley & Sons Ltd. , 1882
With the firm conviction that the Pyramids of Egypt were built and employed for one special and important purpose of the greatest utility, I find it necessary to endeavor to determine the proportions and measures of one of the principal groups.
Mathematical Omnibus: Thirty Lectures on Classic MathematicsMathematical Omnibus: Thirty Lectures on Classic Mathematics
by Dmitry Fuchs, Sergei Tabachnikov - American Mathematical Society , 2007
This book will be of interest to anyone who likes mathematics, from high school students to accomplished researchers. We do not promise an easy ride: it will take a considerable effort from the reader to follow the details of the arguments.
A Second Course in Mathematics Concepts for Elementary TeachersA Second Course in Mathematics Concepts for Elementary Teachers
by Marcel B. Finan - Arkansas Tech University , 2006
Topics: Integers; Rational Numbers; Real Numbers; Functions and their Graphs; Misleading Graphs and Statistics; Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion; Probability; Basic Geometric Shapes and Figures; Symmetry of Plane Figures; etc.
A First Course in Mathematics Concepts for Elementary School TeachersA First Course in Mathematics Concepts for Elementary School Teachers
by Marcel B. Finan - Arkansas Tech University , 2006
Problem-solving is the cornerstone of school mathematics. The techniques discussed in this book should help you to become a better problem solver and should show you how to help others develop their problem-solving skills.
A Cultural Paradox: Fun in MathematicsA Cultural Paradox: Fun in Mathematics
by Jeff Zilahy - Feedbooks , 2010
This book is ideal for students who need a little push to get motivated, and also great for scientists and those in the math community that like to be in-the-know on relevant and current topics. Perfect as an accompaniment to any science class.
Shadows of the Truth: Metamathematics of Elementary MathematicsShadows of the Truth: Metamathematics of Elementary Mathematics
by Alexandre Borovik - American Mathematical Society , 2010
Metamathematics of elementary mathematics. This book can be viewed as a sequel to Mathematics under the Microscope, but with focus shifted on mathematics as it was experienced by children (well, by children who became mathematicians).
Arithmetic for EngineersArithmetic for Engineers
by Charles B. Clapham - Chapman & Hall , 1925
This book is an endeavour to treat the elementary portions of Practical Mathematics in a thorough and practical manner and with a sufficient amount of engineering application, suitable for elementary students of technical schools and for home study.
Elements of Applied MathematicsElements of Applied Mathematics
by Cobb Herbert E. - Ginn and Company , 1911
This book of problems is the result of the endeavor to make the instruction in mathematics of real service in the training pf pupils for their future work. We connected all our mathematics with the work in the shops and laboratories.
The Game of LogicThe Game of Logic
by Lewis Carroll - MacMillan , 1887
This is a short text Carroll wrote to introduce children to logical reasoning, specifically set logic. The text does a good job of explaining basic logical theory in a way that children can understand. A great brain teaser for readers of all ages.
Mathematical Essays and RecreationsMathematical Essays and Recreations
by Hermann Schubert - The Open Court Publishing , 1898
The mathematical essays in this volume are by one of the most successful teachers and text-book writers of Germany. The essays are full of suggestions for elementary mathematical teachers and students, as well as for non-mathematical readers.
Math Made a Bit Easier: Basic Math Explained in Plain EnglishMath Made a Bit Easier: Basic Math Explained in Plain English
by Larry Zafran - CreateSpace , 2009
The book starts with a review of basic arithmetic, followed by basic operations, negative numbers, fractions, decimals, percents, and basic probability and statistics. The material is explained conversationally and in plain English.
Practical MathematicsPractical Mathematics
by Cargill Gilston Knott - Chambers , 1914
The aim has been to illustrate the use of mathematics in constructing diagrams; in measuring areas, volumes, strengths of materials ; in calculating latitudes and longitudes on the earth's surface ; and in solving similar problems.
Practical Mathematics for BeginnersPractical Mathematics for Beginners
by Frank Castle - Macmillan and co , 1905
From the table of contents: Arithmetic; Plane Geometry; Algebra; British and Metric Units; Logarithms; Slide Rule; Ratios; Use of Squared Paper; Mensuration. Area of Parallelogram. Triangle. Circumference of Circle. Area of a Circle; etc.
Philosophy and Fun of AlgebraPhilosophy and Fun of Algebra
by Mary Everest Boole - C. W. Daniel , 1891
Contents: From Arithmetic To Algebra; The Making of Algebras; Simultaneous Problems; Partial Solutions, Elements of Complexity; Mathematical Certainty; The First Hebrew Algebra; How to Choose Our Hypotheses; The Limits of the Teacher's Function; etc.
Mathematics at the Edge of the Rational UniverseMathematics at the Edge of the Rational Universe
by Christopher Cooper - Macquarie University , 2008
This book will take you on a journey to the extreme regions, just before the point where logic breaks down. It discusses the impossible, the infinite, the unimaginable, the uncomputable and the undecidable. Our motivation will be that of an explorer.
Symbolic LogicSymbolic Logic
by Lewis Carroll - Macmillan and co , 1897
Here you see Carroll the mathematician at his playful best. This isn't about modern symbolic logic but about ways of expressing classical logic with symbols. It's loaded with amusing problems to delight any mathematical puzzler.
Elementary MathematicsElementary Mathematics
by W W L Chen, X T Duong - Macquarie University , 1999
Basic algebra, matrices, trigonometry, indices and logarithms, polynomial equations, inequalities and absolute values, progressions, counting techniques, complex numbers, functions and lines, introduction to differentiation and integration.
Flatland: A Romance of Many DimensionsFlatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions
by Edwin A. Abbot - Seeley and Co. , 1884
The book gives some accessible and charming explanations of geometry and physics for the curious non-mathematician. Flatland imagines a two-dimensional world inhabited by sentient geometric shapes who think their planar world is all there is.
Mathematical Measures, Mathematical Pleasures, Mathematical TreasuresMathematical Measures, Mathematical Pleasures, Mathematical Treasures
by Stephen Clark - Lulu.com , 2008
The book for people of all ages and abilities, an attempt to bring mathematics and geometry to everyone in a simple manner. Do you know what a square root is? What is an irrational number? Can you explain the Pythagorean Theorem?