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Variational Principles in Classical MechanicsVariational Principles in Classical Mechanics
by Douglas Cline - River Campus Libraries , 2017
This book introduces variational principles, and illustrates the intellectual beauty, the remarkable power, and the broad scope, of applying variational principles to classical mechanics. Applications presented cover a wide variety of topics ...
Continuum MechanicsContinuum Mechanics
by Zdenek Martinec - Charles University in Prague , 2011
This text is suitable for a two-semester course on Continuum Mechanics. It is based on notes from undergraduate courses. The material is intended for use by undergraduate students of physics with a year or more of college calculus behind them.
Applications of the Calculus to MechanicsApplications of the Calculus to Mechanics
by E.R. Hedrick, O.D. Kellogg - Ginn and company , 1909
It has been the practice at the University of Missouri to follow the course in sophomore calculus with several weeks in applications to mechanics, a subject rich in the kind of material desired. This book is a formulation of the work there attempted.

Classical MechanicsClassical Mechanics
- Wikibooks , 2012
Classical mechanics is the study of the motion of bodies based upon Isaac Newton's famous laws of mechanics. The reader should be comfortable with basic physics concepts. Familiarity with geometry, algebra, and calculus is a must.
Lecture Notes and Exercises on StaticsLecture Notes and Exercises on Statics
by Abdulwahab Amrani , 2010
Course objectives: To understand and use the general ideas of force vectors and equilibrium; To understand and use structural analysis and internal force and friction; To understand the ideas of center of gravity, centroids and moments of inertia.
Advanced MechanicsAdvanced Mechanics
by Eric Poisson - University of Guelph , 2008
These lecture notes are suitable for a one-semester course at the third-year undergraduate level. The table of contents: Newtonian mechanics; Lagrangian mechanics; Hamiltonian mechanics; Term project: Motion around a black hole.
A Short Introduction to Theoretical MechanicsA Short Introduction to Theoretical Mechanics
by A. Nony Mous - , 2007
Contents: Generalized Coordinate Systems; Differential Equations; One Dimensional Motion; Motion of a Particle in Two and Three Dimensions; Accelerated Frames of Reference; Systems of Interacting Particles; The Special Theory of Relativity; etc.
Theoretical KinematicsTheoretical Kinematics
by Oene Bottema, Bernard Roth - Dover Publications , 1990
An important reference for any researcher in kinematics, it covers many important results for analysis and design of mechanisms. The authors used the adjective theoretical in the title in order to distinguish the subject from applied kinematics.
Elementary Applied MechanicsElementary Applied Mechanics
by A. W. Thomson, T. Alexander - MacMillan , 1916
The work forms an elementary consecutive treatise on the subject of Internal Stress and Strain. The whole is illustrated by a systematic and graduated set of Examples. At every point graphical methods are combined with the analytical.
Introduction to Mechanics and SymmetryIntroduction to Mechanics and Symmetry
by Jerrold E. Marsden, Tudor S. Ratiu - Springer , 1998
This volume contains much of the basic theory of mechanics and should prove to be a useful foundation for further, as well as more specialized topics. As the name of the book implies, a consistent theme running through the book is that of symmetry.
Mechanics and Hydrostatics for BeginnersMechanics and Hydrostatics for Beginners
by S. L. Loney - Cambridge University Press , 1922
This little book is of a strictly elementary character, and is intended for the use of students whose knowledge of Geometry and Algebra is not presumed to extend beyond the first two Books of Euclid and the solution of simple Quadratic Equations.
Elementary Mechanics from a Mathematician's ViewpointElementary Mechanics from a Mathematician's Viewpoint
by Michael Spivak - University of Georgia , 2004
Contents: The Hardest Part of Mechanics (The Fundamentals); How Newton Analyzed Planetary Motion; Systems of Particles; Conservation Laws; Rigid Bodies; Constraints; Holonomic and Non-Holonomic Constraints; Statically Indeterminate Structures.
Modern Introductory MechanicsModern Introductory Mechanics
by Walter Wilcox - Bookboon , 1999
This is a two semester introductory classical mechanics text. The coverage of material includes some unusual topics in variational techniques and deterministic chaos. The treatment of relativity is more complete than usual.
Notes on Analytical MechanicsNotes on Analytical Mechanics
by Ingemar Bengtsson - Stockholms universitet, Fysikum , 2017
These are lecture notes for an undergraduate course in analytical mechanics. From the table of contents: Lagrangian mechanics; The central force two-body problem; Rotation and rigid bodies; The Hamiltonian formulation; Integrable and chaotic motion.
Classical MechanicsClassical Mechanics
by Joel A. Shapiro - Rutgers , 2009
A textbook for an advanced course in classical mechanics covering: Particle Kinematics; Lagrange's and Hamilton's Equations; Two Body Central Forces; Rigid Body Motion; Small Oscillations; Hamilton's Equations; Perturbation Theory; Field Theory.
Mechanics and Special RelativityMechanics and Special Relativity
by Howard Georgi - Harvard College , 2005
For students with good preparation in physics and mathematics at the level of the advanced placement curriculum. Topics include an introduction to Lagrangian mechanics, Noether's theorem, special relativity, collisions and scattering, etc.
Lecture Notes on Classical MechanicsLecture Notes on Classical Mechanics
by Sunil Golwala - California Institute of Technology , 2007
These notes cover classical mechanics and special relativity. You will learn new techniques that will allow you to attack a wider set of problems than you saw in the introductory sequences as well as provide you a deeper understanding of physics.
Theoretical MechanicsTheoretical Mechanics
by Paul Lammert , 2009
We will study some famous and amusing problems. We will recast Newton's mechanics in languages (Lagrangian and Hamiltonian) which are not only practical for many problems but allow the methods of mechanics to be extended into every corner of physics.
Classical MechanicsClassical Mechanics
by Robert L. Dewar - The Australian National University , 2001
We develop a more abstract viewpoint in which one thinks of the dynamics of a system described by a number of generalized coordinates, but in which the dynamics can be encapsulated in a single scalar function: the Lagrangian or the Hamiltonian.
Introduction to Statics and DynamicsIntroduction to Statics and Dynamics
by Rudra Pratap, Andy Ruina - Cornell University , 2009
This is an engineering statics and dynamics text intended as both an introduction and as a reference. The book emphasizes use of vectors, free-body diagrams, momentum and energy balance and computation. Intuitive approaches are discussed throughout.
Lectures on Classical MechanicsLectures on Classical Mechanics
by John C. Baez - University of California , 2005
These are course notes for a mathematics graduate course on classical mechanics. The author started with the Lagrangian approach, with a heavy emphasis on action principles, and derived the Hamiltonian approach from that.
Roller Coaster PhysicsRoller Coaster Physics
by Tony Wayne , 1998
This text discusses some of the principles involved in the design of a roller coaster. It is intended for the middle or high school teacher, and physics students. Many of the concepts can be applied to topics other than roller coasters.
Mechanics of Rigid BodyMechanics of Rigid Body
by Janusz Krodkiewski , 2008
The purpose of this text is to provide the students with the theoretical background and engineering applications of the three dimensional mechanics of a rigid body. Covered are three-dimensional kinematics and kinetics of particles and rigid bodies.
Foundations of Mechanics, Second EditionFoundations of Mechanics, Second Edition
by Ralph Abraham, Jerrold E. Marsden - Addison-Wesley , 1987
The advanced book on mechanics for mathematicians, physicists, and engineers interested in geometrical methods in mechanics. The basic results in manifold theory are included, as well as some key facts from point set topology and Lie group theory.
Amateur Physics for the Amateur Pool PlayerAmateur Physics for the Amateur Pool Player
by Ron Shepard - Argonne National Laboratory , 1997
Notes for the pool player who enjoys playing the game, and who enjoys understanding how things work using the language of physics. The tone of the presentation directed toward the amateur who enjoys both physics and pool playing.
Structure and Interpretation of Classical MechanicsStructure and Interpretation of Classical Mechanics
by Gerald Jay Sussman, Jack Wisdom - The MIT Press , 2001
The book emphasizes the development of general tools to support the analysis of nonlinear Hamiltonian systems. Explorations of transitions to chaos, nonlinear resonances, and resonance overlap to help the student to develop tools for understanding.
Introduction to Continuum Mechanics for EngineersIntroduction to Continuum Mechanics for Engineers
by Ray M. Bowen - Springer , 2007
This textbook is an introduction to the essentials of modern Continuum Mechanics for engineering graduate students. The book is self contained and suitable for self study. It establishes certain classical continuum models within a modern framework.