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Immersive Linear AlgebraImmersive Linear Algebra
by J. Strom, K. Astrom, T. Akenine-Moller - immersivemath , 2017
This is a linear algebra book built around interactive illustrations. Each chapter starts with an intuitive concrete example that practically shows how the math works using interactive illustrations. After that, the more formal math is introduced.
A First Course in Linear AlgebraA First Course in Linear Algebra
by Ken Kuttler - Lyryx , 2014
The book presents an introduction to the fascinating subject of linear algebra. It is designed as a course in linear algebra for students who have a reasonable understanding of basic algebra. Major topics of linear algebra are presented in detail.
Calculus and Linear Algebra. Vol. 2Calculus and Linear Algebra. Vol. 2
by Wilfred Kaplan, Donald J. Lewis - University of Michigan Library , 2007
In the second volume of Calculus and Linear Algebra, the concept of linear algebra is further developed and applied to geometry, many-variable calculus, and differential equations. This volume introduces many novel ideas and proofs.
Calculus and Linear Algebra. Vol. 1Calculus and Linear Algebra. Vol. 1
by Wilfred Kaplan, Donald J. Lewis - University of Michigan Library , 2007
The first volume covers vectors in the plane and one-variable calculus. The two volumes provide material for a freshman-sophomore course in calculus in which linear algebra is gradually introduced and blended with the calculus.

Linear AlgebraLinear Algebra
by Benjamin McKay - University College Cork , 2008
These notes are drawn from lectures given for a first year introduction to linear algebra. The prerequisites for this course are arithmetic and elementary algebra, and some comfort and facility with proofs, particularly using mathematical induction.
Linear Algebra: Foundations to FrontiersLinear Algebra: Foundations to Frontiers
by M.E. Myers, P.M. van de Geijn, R.A. van de Geijn - , 2014
This document is a resource that integrates a text, videos, and hands-on activities. It connects hand calculations, mathematical abstractions, and computer programming. It encourages you to develop the theory of linear algebra by posing questions.
Linear Algebra: CourseLinear Algebra: Course
by Peter Saveliev - Intelligent Perception , 2012
This is a textbook for a one-semester course in linear algebra and vector spaces. An emphasis is made on the coordinate free analysis. The course mimics in some ways a modern algebra course. Calculus is a prerequisite for the course.
Linear AlgebraLinear Algebra
by David Cherney, Tom Denton, Andrew Waldron - UC Davis , 2013
This textbook is suitable for a sophomore level linear algebra course taught in about twenty-five lectures. It is designed both for engineering and science majors, but has enough abstraction to be useful for potential math majors.
Linear AlgebraLinear Algebra
by Paul Dawkins - Lamar University , 2011
These topics are covered: Systems of Equations and Matrices; Determinants; Euclidean n-space; Vector Spaces; Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors. These notes do assume that the reader has a good working knowledge of basic Algebra.
Linear Algebra: An Introduction to Mathematical DiscourseLinear Algebra: An Introduction to Mathematical Discourse
- Wikibooks , 2011
The book was designed specifically for students who had not previously been exposed to mathematics as mathematicians view it. That is, as a subject whose goal is to rigorously prove theorems starting from clear consistent definitions.
Fundamentals of Linear AlgebraFundamentals of Linear Algebra
by Marcel B. Finan - Arkansas Tech University , 2001
This book is addressed primarely to second and third year college students who have already had a course in calculus and analytic geometry. Its aim is solely to learn the basic theory of linear algebra within a semester period.
Linear Algebra for InformaticsLinear Algebra for Informatics
by José Figueroa-O'Farrill - The University of Edinburgh , 2005
These are the lecture notes and tutorial problems for the Linear Algebra module. The text is divided into three parts: (1) real vector spaces and their linear maps; (2) univariate polynomials; (3) introduction to algebraic coding theory.
Basic Linear AlgebraBasic Linear Algebra
by Andrew Baker - University of Glasgow , 2008
The text covers basic ideas and techniques of Linear Algebra that are applicable in many subjects including the physical and chemical sciences, and statistics. These notes were originally written for a course at the University of Glasgow.
Linear AlgebraLinear Algebra
by W W L Chen - Macquarie University , 2008
Linear equations, matrices, determinants, vectors, vector spaces, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, linear transformations, real inner product spaces, orthogonal matrices, applications of real inner product spaces, complex vector spaces.
Elementary Linear AlgebraElementary Linear Algebra
by Keith Matthews - University of Queensland , 1998
This an introduction to linear algebra with solutions to all exercises. It covers linear equations, matrices, subspaces, determinants, complex numbers, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, identifying second degree equations, three–dimensional geometry.
Computational and Algorithmic Linear Algebra and n-Dimensional GeometryComputational and Algorithmic Linear Algebra and n-Dimensional Geometry
by Katta G. Murty , 2001
A sophomore level book on linear algebra and n-dimensional geometry with the aim of developing in college entering undergraduates skills in algorithms, computational methods, and mathematical modeling. Written in a simple style with lots of examples.
Course of Linear Algebra and Multidimensional GeometryCourse of Linear Algebra and Multidimensional Geometry
by Ruslan Sharipov - Samizdat Press , 1996
This is a textbook of multidimensional geometry and linear algebra for the first year students. It covers linear vector spaces and linear mappings, linear operators, dual space, bilinear and quadratic forms, Euclidean spaces, Affine spaces.
Linear Algebra Done WrongLinear Algebra Done Wrong
by Sergei Treil , 2004
This book covers a first course of linear algebra, it introduces mathematically advanced students to rigorous proof and formal definitions. The author of the text tried to emphasize topics important for analysis, geometry and probability.
Elementary Linear AlgebraElementary Linear Algebra
by Kenneth Kuttler - The Saylor Foundation , 2012
Introduction to linear algebra where everything is done with the row reduced echelon form and specific algorithms. The notions of vector spaces and linear transformations are at the end. Intended for a first course in linear algebra.
A First Course in Linear AlgebraA First Course in Linear Algebra
by Robert A. Beezer - University of Puget Sound , 2010
Introductory textbook for college-level sophomores and juniors. It covers systems of linear equations, matrix algebra, finite-dimensional vector spaces, matrix representations of linear transformations, diagonalization, Jordan canonical form, etc.
Linear AlgebraLinear Algebra
by Jim Hefferon , 2008
This is an undergraduate linear algebra textbook, it covers linear systems, Gauss' method, vector spaces, linear maps and matrices, determinants, and eigenvectors and eigenvalues. Each chapter is followed by additional topics and applications.
Elements of Abstract and Linear AlgebraElements of Abstract and Linear Algebra
by Edwin H. Connell , 2004
Covers abstract algebra in general, with the focus on linear algebra, intended for students in mathematics, physical sciences, and computer science. The presentation is compact, but still somewhat informal. The proofs of many theorems are omitted.