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Dynamics of Cyclic Nucleotide Signaling in NeuronsDynamics of Cyclic Nucleotide Signaling in Neurons
by Nicholas C Spitzer, Pierre Vincent (eds) - Frontiers Media SA , 2015
Cyclic nucleotides control a number of neuronal properties including neuronal differentiation, pathfinding, regulation of excitability and synaptic transmission, and control of gene expression. Signaling events mediated by cAMP or cGMP are transient.
Dopaminergic Foundations of Personality and Individual DifferencesDopaminergic Foundations of Personality and Individual Differences
by Luke D Smillie, Jan Wacker (eds) - Frontiers Media SA , 2015
Original research papers examining markers of dopaminergic neurotransmission in relation to individual differences in psychological functioning. Theoretical contributions targeting multiple pieces of the dopamine-personality puzzle are present.
Topology of the Brain FunctionTopology of the Brain Function
by Arturo Tozzi, James F Peters - viXra , 2016
This manuscript encompasses our published and unpublished topological results in neuroscience. Topology, the mathematical branch that assesses objects and their properties preserved through deformations, allows the investigation of brain features.

Distributed Networks: New Outlooks on Cerebellar FunctionDistributed Networks: New Outlooks on Cerebellar Function
by Thomas C. Watson, et al. - Frontiers Media SA , 2015
Accumulating evidence suggests that the cerebellum subserves functions beyond the sensorimotor realm. This possibility received attention during the past century, with recent findings revealing cerebellar roles in cognition and spatial navigation.
Developing SynaesthesiaDeveloping Synaesthesia
by Nicolas Rothen, Julia Simner, Beat Meier - Frontiers Media SA , 2015
Synaesthesia is a condition in which a stimulus elicits an additional subjective experience. The aim of this book on synaesthesia is to provide novel insights into the development of synaesthesia both in its genuine and acquired form.
Decision Making under UncertaintyDecision Making under Uncertainty
by Kerstin Preuschoff, Peter NC Mohr, Ming Hsu - Frontiers Media SA , 2013
Little is known about how uncertainty is processed and how they are integrated with expected rewards throughout the decision making process. This book provides a deeper understanding of the processes behind decision making under uncertainty.
Serotonin Receptors in NeurobiologySerotonin Receptors in Neurobiology
by Amitabha Chattopadhyay (ed.) - CRC Press , 2005
A number of developments spanning a multitude of techniques makes this an exciting time for research in serotonin receptors. Serotonin Receptors in Neurobiology is among the first books to include information on serotonin receptor knockout studies.
On the Origin of the Human MindOn the Origin of the Human Mind
by Andrey Vyshedskiy - MobileReference , 2014
The origin of the human mind remains one of the greatest mysteries of all times. The author offers an elegant, parsimonious theory of the evolution of the human mind and suggests experiments that could be done to refute or validate the hypothesis.
Spiking Neuron Models: Single Neurons, Populations, PlasticitySpiking Neuron Models: Single Neurons, Populations, Plasticity
by Wulfram Gerstner, Werner M. Kistler - Cambridge University Press , 2002
This introduction to spiking neurons can be used in advanced-level courses in computational neuroscience, theoretical biology, neural modeling, biophysics, or neural networks. It focuses on phenomenological approaches rather than detailed models.
Transcriptional Control of Neural Crest DevelopmentTranscriptional Control of Neural Crest Development
by Brian L. Nelms, Patricia A. Labosky - Morgan & Claypool Life Sciences , 2010
The neural crest is an embryonic population of cells found in vertebrates and has the potential to give rise to many different cell types. These derivatives range from the mesenchymal bone, to neuronal derivatives of the peripheral nervous systems.
Translational Pain Research: From Mouse to ManTranslational Pain Research: From Mouse to Man
by Lawrence Kruger, Alan R. Light - CRC Press , 2010
Bringing together recent advances in modern neuroscience regarding genetic studies in mice and humans and the practicality of clinical trials, this volume effectively bridges the gap between basic research and patient care.
Homeostasis and Higher Brain FunctionHomeostasis and Higher Brain Function
by Patrick Dougherty, et al. - UTHealth , 2012
Contents: Hypothalamus: Structural Organization; Hypothalamic Control of Pituitary Hormones; Central Control of the Autonomic Nervous System and Thermoregulation; Central Control of Feeding Behavior; Limbic System: Hippocampus; and more.
Motor SystemsMotor Systems
by James Knierim, et al. - UTHealth , 2012
From the table of contents: Motor Units and Muscle Receptors; Spinal Reflexes and Descending Motor Pathways; Motor Cortex; Basal Ganglia; Cerebellum; Disorders of the Motor System; Ocular Motor System; Ocular Motor Control.
Cellular and Molecular NeurobiologyCellular and Molecular Neurobiology
by John H. Byrne, et al. - UTHealth , 2012
Contents: Introduction to Neurons and Neural Networks; Resting Potentials & Action Potentials; Ionic Mechanisms of Action Potentials; Propagation of Action Potentials; Synaptic Transmission at the Skeletal Neuromuscular Junction; etc.
Neural Plasticity and Memory: From Genes to Brain ImagingNeural Plasticity and Memory: From Genes to Brain Imaging
by Federico Bermudez-Rattoni - CRC Press , 2007
A comprehensive, multidisciplinary review, this book provides an in-depth, up-to-date analysis of the study of the neurobiology of memory. Leading specialists share their scientific experience in the field, covering a wide range of topics.
The Neurobiology of OlfactionThe Neurobiology of Olfaction
by Anna Menini - CRC Press , 2010
The book provides a thorough analysis of the state-of-the-science in olfactory knowledge. Authors explore various aspects of olfaction, including genetics, behavior, olfactory systems, odorant receptors, odor coding, and cortical activity.
by Oscar Alzate - CRC Press , 2010
In this, the Post-Genomic Age, our knowledge of biological systems continues to expand and progress. Genomic research progresses to proteomics and brings us to a deeper understanding of the behavior and function of protein clusters.
Introduction to Cognitive NeuroscienceIntroduction to Cognitive Neuroscience
by Iiro P. Jaaskelainen - BookBoon , 2012
Cognitive neuroscience is an exciting area of research into the neural basis of the human mind. This book gives an introduction to research methods of cognitive neuroscience, brain anatomy, neuronal signaling, and the neural basis of perception.
Computational Cognitive NeuroscienceComputational Cognitive Neuroscience
by O'Reilly, Munakata, at al. - University of Colorado Boulder , 2012
Introduction to computer modeling of the brain, to understand how people think. Networks of interacting neurons produce complex emergent behavior including perception, attention, motor control, learning, memory, language, and executive functions.
Methods of Behavior Analysis in NeuroscienceMethods of Behavior Analysis in Neuroscience
by Jerry J Buccafusco - CRC Press , 2009
Behavioral techniques used in animals to model human diseases and predict effects of novel drugs are as varied as the numbers of scientists who use them. Consequently, behavioral analysis is becoming an indispensable tool for the neuroscientist.
Review of Clinical and Functional NeuroscienceReview of Clinical and Functional Neuroscience
by Rand S. Swenson - Dartmouth Medical School , 2006
This review will discuss the cellular components of the nervous system first and then will consider the peripheral nervous system before discussing the Central nervous system. In the CNS we will consider the sensory systems and then motor systems.
Neuroscience: Science of the BrainNeuroscience: Science of the Brain
- The British Neuroscience Association , 2004
The British Neuroscience Association commissioned the booklet for the purposes of teaching young people about the brain and neuroscience. The booklet contains short explanatory chapters on different subjects written by experts in each topic.
Electrochemical Methods for NeuroscienceElectrochemical Methods for Neuroscience
by Adrian C. Michael, Laura Borland - CRC Press , 2007
An updated summary of the current, albeit evolving, state of the art and lays the scientific foundation for incorporating electrochemical techniques into on-going or newly emerging research programs in the neuroscience disciplines.
Encyclopedia of Computational NeuroscienceEncyclopedia of Computational Neuroscience
by Eugene M. Izhikevich, at al. - Scholarpedia , 2009
Neuroscience, Electrophysiology, Neuron, Network Dynamics, Brain Models, Synapse, Memory, Conditioning, Consciousness, Vision, Olfaction, Neuroimaging, Dynamical Systems, Oscillators, Synchronization, Pattern Formation, Chaos, Bifurcations, etc.
Cognitive Psychology and Cognitive NeuroscienceCognitive Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience
- Wikibooks , 2006
This is a textbook on cognitive psychology, a psychological science which is interested in various mind and brain related subfields such as cognition, the mental processes that underlie behavior, reasoning and decision making.