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DNA, Statistics and the Law: a cross-disciplinary approach to forensic inferenceDNA, Statistics and the Law: a cross-disciplinary approach to forensic inference
by Alex Biedermann (ed.) - Frontiers Media SA , 2014
This volume aims to investigate, from an interdisciplinary perspective, the current understanding of the strengths and limitations of DNA profiling results in legal applications. The emphasis is on topics with a multidisciplinary perspective.

Gene Drives on the HorizonGene Drives on the Horizon
- National Academies Press , 2016
'Gene Drives on the Horizon' outlines the state of knowledge relative to the science, ethics, public engagement, and risk assessment as they pertain to research directions of gene drive systems and governance of the research process.

RNA InterferenceRNA Interference
by Ibrokhim Y. Abdurakhmonov (ed.) - InTech , 2016
This book explains basic principles, types, and property of inducers, structural modifications, and various successful bench-to-field or clinic applications with some aspects of limitations, alternative tools, safety, and risk assessment ...

A Brief History of Genetics: Defining Experiments in GeneticsA Brief History of Genetics: Defining Experiments in Genetics
- NPG Education , 2010
This e-book will take students through some of the seminal experiments in genetics, allowing students to review some of the data and literature that has provided us with our foundational understanding of our genetic material.

Genetics and Biogenesis of Mitochondria and ChloroplastsGenetics and Biogenesis of Mitochondria and Chloroplasts
by C. William Birky, et al. - The Ohio State University Press , 1975
The genetics of chloro­plasts and mitochondrial inheritance have only fairly recently come to represent a major preoccupation of both molecular and cell biologists, who have been prompted to probe deeply into the energy-producing centers of the cell.

Essentials of GeneticsEssentials of Genetics
by Heidi Chial, et al. - NPG Education , 2009
Essentials of Genetics is a guided introduction to many key concepts in genetics, from DNA structure and function to population genetics. It provides an excellent reference for students or lifelong learners and can be a teaching tool for faculty.

Genetic EngineeringGenetic Engineering
by Idah Sithole-Niang - InTech , 2013
The book covers a wide range of topics in genetic engineering of microorganisms, plants and animals: the genetic engineering of microorganisms to produce antibiotics, the gene targeting and transformation in plants, and much more.

Statistical Genetics and Evolution of Quantitative TraitsStatistical Genetics and Evolution of Quantitative Traits
by Richard A. Neher, Boris I. Shraiman - arXiv , 2011
This review provides a simplified exposition of the concept and mathematics of Quasi-Linkage Equilibrium (QLE) which is central to the statistical description of genotypes in sexual populations. We discuss under what circumstances QLE is applicable.

Mathematical Population GeneticsMathematical Population Genetics
by Warren J Ewens - Cornell University , 2006
These notes are intended to give background material in mathematical population genetics. Some standard genetical terms are used: gene, genotype, allele, (gene) locus, haploid, diploid, homozygote, heterozygote, heterozygosity, monoecious, etc.

The Genetical Theory of Natural SelectionThe Genetical Theory of Natural Selection
by R. A. Fisher - At The Clarendon Press , 1930
Providing a synthesis of Darwinian selection and Mendelian genetics and marking a turning point in the development of evolutionary thought, this work is one of the most frequently cited references in modern evolutionary biology.

Maternal Control of Development in VertebratesMaternal Control of Development in Vertebrates
by Florence L. Marlow - Morgan & Claypool Publishers , 2010
This review provides an overview of fundamental aspects of oocyte and early embryonic development and the interference and genetic approaches that have provided access to maternally regulated aspects of vertebrate development.

Calculating the Secrets of LifeCalculating the Secrets of Life
by Eric S. Lander, Michael S. Waterman - National Academies Press , 1995
Leading experts look at how mathematical methods have made possible important discoveries in biology. Explores how differential geometry, topology, and differential mechanics have allowed researchers to unwind and understand DNA's double helix.

Metagenomics: Sequences from the EnvironmentMetagenomics: Sequences from the Environment
- National Library of Medicine , 2006
Metagenomics is the functional and sequence-based analysis of the collective microbial genomes that are contained in an environmental sample. This text is developed by NCBI from metagenome projects submitted to the Genomes Projects database.

Comparative GenomicsComparative Genomics
by Nicholas H. Bergman - Humana Press Inc. , 2007
A collection of robust protocols for molecular biologists beginning to use comparative genomic analysis tools in a variety of areas. The available chapters describe National Center for Biotechnology Information resources available to the public.

The New GeneticsThe New Genetics
- NIGMS , 2006
An introduction to genetics. From the table of contents: Foreword; How Genes Work; RNA and DNA Revealed: New Roles, New Rules; Life's Genetic Tree; Genes Are Us; 21st-Century Genetics; Glossary; Poster: Living Laboratories.

Behavioral GeneticsBehavioral Genetics
by Catherine Baker - AAAS , 2004
An introduction to how genes and environments interact through development to shape differences in mood, personality, and intelligence. An introduction for non-scientists to the behavioral genetics and its broader ethical and social implications.

Genetics and Molecular BiologyGenetics and Molecular Biology
by Robert Schleif - The Johns Hopkins University Press , 1993
Schleif presents the fundamental concepts of molecular biology with clear explanations and critical analysis of well-chosen experiments. The result is a concise and practical approach that offers students a real understanding of the subject.

Justice and the Human Genome ProjectJustice and the Human Genome Project
by Timothy F. Murphy, Marc A. Lappé - University of California Press , 1994
This book's nine essays probe the potential social uses and abuses of detailed genetic information. Lucid and wide-ranging, these contributions will provoke discussion among bioethicists, legal scholars, and policy makers.

Population GeneticsPopulation Genetics
by Kent Holsinger - University of Connecticut , 2008
This is an introduction to the field of population genetics, the branch of evolutionary biology concerned with the genetic structure of populations and how it changes through time. You need to know some basic algebra and probability theory.

Sequence - Evolution - Function: Computational Approaches in Comparative GenomicsSequence - Evolution - Function: Computational Approaches in Comparative Genomics
by Eugene V. Koonin, Michael Y. Galperin - Springer , 2002
An introduction to the computational approaches that play a critical role in the emerging new branch of biology known as functional genomics. Perfect for introductory level courses in computational methods for comparative and functional genomics.

Structural Biology and Functional GenomicsStructural Biology and Functional Genomics
by E. Morton Bradbury, Sándor Pongor - Springer , 2007
A survey of structural biology and functional genomics for researchers. Topics included are chromosome and chromatin organisation, DNA and RNA structures, DNA flexibility, supercoiling, strategies for large scale structural analysis, and more.

Extreme Genetic Enginering: An Introduction to Synthetic BiologyExtreme Genetic Enginering: An Introduction to Synthetic Biology
- ETC Group , 2007
This text covers synbio basics, gives an introduction to five major areas of research in synthetic biology, presents implications of synthetic biology, and gives a case study: microbial production of artemisinin to treat malaria.