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Fundamental Methods of LogicFundamental Methods of Logic
by Matthew Knachel - University of Wisconsin Milwaukee , 2017
Suitable for a one-semester introduction to logic/critical reasoning course. It covers a variety of topics at an introductory level. It introduces basic notions, such as arguments and explanations, deductive and inductive reasoning, etc.
Introduction to Logic and Critical ThinkingIntroduction to Logic and Critical Thinking
by Matthew Van Cleave - Lansing Community College , 2016
This is an introductory textbook in logic and critical thinking. The goal is to provide the reader with skills that will enable them to identify and evaluate arguments. It is intended for an introductory course that covers formal and informal logic.

A Concise Introduction to LogicA Concise Introduction to Logic
by Craig DeLancey - Open SUNY Textbooks , 2017
A Concise Introduction to Logic is an introduction to formal logic suitable for undergraduates taking a general education course in logic or critical thinking, and is accessible and useful to any interested in gaining a basic understanding of logic.
An Illustrated Book of Bad ArgumentsAn Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments
by Ali Almossawi, Alejandro Giraldo - , 2013
This book is aimed at newcomers to the field of logical reasoning, particularly those who understand best through visuals. The reader will learn from these pages some of the most common pitfalls in arguments and be able to identify and avoid them.
Logic Gallery, Aristotle to the PresentLogic Gallery, Aristotle to the Present
by David Marans - HumBox Project , 2013
Century-by-Century: Insights, Images, and Bios. The continuity and expansion of a fundamental concept. We shall attempt to indicate the way in which logic has developed from the science of reflective thinking, or reasoning, to the science of form.
Studies in Logical TheoryStudies in Logical Theory
by John Dewey - The University of Chicago Press , 1903
This volume presents some results of the work done in the matter of logical theory in the Department of Philosophy of the University of Chicago in the first decade of its existence. The eleven Studies are the work of eight different hands...
The Origin and Growth of Plato's LogicThe Origin and Growth of Plato's Logic
by Wincenty Lutosawski - Longmans, Green and co. , 1905
In undertaking the investigations summarized in this volume, the author's chief aim was to explain the origin of Logic by a psychological study of the first logician. This required a knowledge of the chronology of Plato's writings.
Logic, Inductive and DeductiveLogic, Inductive and Deductive
by William Minto - ManyBooks , 1893
In this little treatise two things are attempted that at first might appear incompatible. One of them is to put the study of logical formulae on a historical basis. The other aim is to increase the power of Logic as a practical discipline.
The Art of Logical ThinkingThe Art of Logical Thinking
by William Walker Atkinson - The Progress company , 1909
By the employment of the reasoning faculties of the mind we compare objects presented to the mind as percepts or concepts, taking up the raw materials of thought and weaving them into complex mental fabrics which we call abstract ideas of truth.
A Second Course in LogicA Second Course in Logic
by Christopher Gauker - University of Cincinnati , 2013
This book is for anyone who has had a solid introductory logic course and wants more. Topics covered include soundness and completeness for first-order logic, Tarski's theorem on the undefinability of truth, Godel's incompleteness theorems, etc.
Symbolic Logic: A Second CourseSymbolic Logic: A Second Course
by Gary Hardegree - UMass Amherst , 2003
Contents: Summary; Translations in Function Logic; Derivations in Function Logic; Translations in Identity Logic; Extra Material on Identity Logic; Derivations in Identity Logic; Translations in Description Logic; Derivations in Description Logic.
Symbolic Logic: A First CourseSymbolic Logic: A First Course
by Gary Hardegree - Mcgraw-Hill College , 1999
Contents: Basic Concepts of Logic; Truth-Functional Connectives; Validity in Sentential Logic; Translations in Sentential Logic; Derivations in Sentential Logic; Translations in Monadic Predicate Logic; Translations in Polyadic Predicate Logic; etc.
Introduction to Modal LogicIntroduction to Modal Logic
by Gary Hardegree - UMass Amherst , 2009
Contents: Basic Concepts; Classical SL; Absolute Modal Logic - System L; Relative Modal Logic - System K; Systems Between K and L; Modal Predicate Logic; General First-Order Logic; First-Order Modal Logic; First-Order Modal Logic with Actuality...
The Principles Of MathematicsThe Principles Of Mathematics
by Bertrand Russell - W. W. Norton & Company
Russell's classic sets forth his landmark thesis that mathematics and logic are identical -- that what is called mathematics is simply later deductions from logical premises. His ideas have had a profound influence on the foundations of mathematics.
The Origin and Significance of Hegel's LogicThe Origin and Significance of Hegel's Logic
by J. B. Baillie - MacMillan , 1901
The student of Hegel usually finds the Logic the most forbidding part of the System. The aim of the book is to attempt to remove the difficulties in the way of understanding the Logic, but also regarding the point of view of the System generally.
Proof Theory and PhilosophyProof Theory and Philosophy
by Greg Restall - , 2006
A textbook in philosophical logic, accessible to someone who's done only an intro course in logic, covering some model theory and proof theory of propositional logic, and predicate logic. User-friendly and philosophically motivated presentation.
Deductive LogicDeductive Logic
by St. George Stock - Longmans , 1888
The author's object has been to produce a work which should be thoroughly representative of the present state of the logic of the Oxford Schools. The qualities which he aimed at before all others were clearness and consistency.
Principles of LogicPrinciples of Logic
by George Hayward Joyce - Longmans , 1908
This work is an attempt at a presentment of what is frequently termed the Traditional Logic, and is intended for those who are making acquaintance with philosophical questions for the first time. Logic is the theory of the mind's rational processes.
Logic: Deductive and InductiveLogic: Deductive and Inductive
by Carveth Read - Project Gutenberg , 2006
Logic is the science that explains what conditions must be fulfilled in order that a proposition may be proved. When propositions are expressed with the universality and definiteness that belong to scientific statements, they are called laws.
Formal LogicFormal Logic
- Wikibooks , 2009
An undergraduate college level textbook covering first order predicate logic with identity but omitting metalogical proofs. The first rules of formal logic were written over 2300 years ago by Aristotle and are still vital.
Symbolic LogicSymbolic Logic
by Lewis Carroll - Macmillan and co , 1897
Here you see Carroll the mathematician at his playful best. This isn't about modern symbolic logic but about ways of expressing classical logic with symbols. It's loaded with amusing problems to delight any mathematical puzzler.
Language, Proof and LogicLanguage, Proof and Logic
by Jon Barwise, John Etchemendy - Center for the Study of Language , 2011
The book covers the boolean connectives, formal proof techniques, quantifiers, basic set theory, induction, proofs of soundness and completeness for propositional and predicate logic, and an accessible sketch of Godel's first incompleteness theorem.
forall x: An Introduction to Formal Logicforall x: An Introduction to Formal Logic
by P.D. Magnus , 2008
An introduction to sentential logic and first-order predicate logic with identity, logical systems that influenced twentieth-century analytic philosophy. The book should help students understand quantified expressions in their philosophical reading.