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The Historical JesusThe Historical Jesus
by J. M. Robertson - Watts & Co. , 1916
Robertson was an advocate of the Jesus-Myth theory, and he argued against the historicity of Jesus. According to Robertson, the character of Jesus in the New Testament developed from a Jewish cult of Joshua, whom he identifies as a solar deity.

Beyond the Witch Trials: Witchcraft and Magic in Enlightenment EuropeBeyond the Witch Trials: Witchcraft and Magic in Enlightenment Europe
by Owen Davies, Willem De Blecourt (eds.) - Manchester University Press , 2004
An important collection of essays on the nature of witchcraft and magic in European society during the Enlightenment. The book is innovative because it provides the reader with a challenging variety of different approaches and sources of information.

The Christ MythThe Christ Myth
by Arthur Drews - T. Fisher Unwin , 1910
Philosopher Arthur Drews exposes the Jesus of the gospels as a mythical character, arguing that no basis exists for seeking a historical figure behind the Christ myth. Drews shows that Christianity is a syncretism of various pagan and Jewish beliefs.

The Quest of the Historical JesusThe Quest of the Historical Jesus
by Albert Schweitzer - Adam and Charles Black , 1911
Groundbreaking study that established the reputation of the famed theologian traces the search for the historical Jesus. Schweitzer examines works of more than fifty authors and concludes that many of the reconstructions of Christ were fantasies.

Ancient, Medieval, and Modern ChristianityAncient, Medieval, and Modern Christianity
by Charles Guignebert - University Books , 1961
Christianity has made peace with the theory of evolution but it cannot make peace with the application of the theory of evolution to Christianity itself. Guignebert's theory will be most unpalatable to the principal Church of his country.

The Early Christians: In Their Own WordsThe Early Christians: In Their Own Words
by Eberhard Arnold - Plough Publishing House , 1998
Not merely a volume of collected writings of Christians living in early church communities, this anthology is a reflection of a faith and a way of life aflame with unwavering devotion. A clear and vibrant faith lives in these writings.

The History of The Reformation of the Church of EnglandThe History of The Reformation of the Church of England
by Gilbert Burnet, Edward Nares - D. Appleton & co , 1843
The separation of the Church of England from Rome under Henry VIII, brought England alongside a broad Reformation movement; however, religious changes in the English national church proceeded more conservatively than elsewhere in Europe.

The History of ProtestantismThe History of Protestantism
by James Aitken Wylie - Cassell Petter & Galpin , 1870
This book pulls back the divine curtain and reveals God's hand in the affairs of His church during the Protestant Reformation. As God's church faces the last days, these compelling books have unique appeal and relevance to all who love the truth.

Christmas: Its Origin and AssociationsChristmas: Its Origin and Associations
by W. F. Dawson - E. Stock , 1902
Christmas, its historical events and festive celebrations during nineteen centuries: memorable celebrations, stately meetings of early kings, remarkable events, romantic episodes, brave deeds, picturesque customs, time-honoured sports, etc.

Pagan and Christian RomePagan and Christian Rome
by Rodolfo Lanciani - Houghton Mifflin Co. , 1893
Complete and detailed Book discussing Rome and how it evolved through time. Contents: transformation of Rome from a Pagan into a Christian city; Pagan shrines and temples; Christian churches; imperial tombs; Papal tombs; Pagan cemeteries; and more.

History Principles and Practice of Symbolism in Christian ArtHistory Principles and Practice of Symbolism in Christian Art
by F. Edward Hulme - Kessinger Publishing , 2003
A comprehensive review of Christian symbolism, from the primitive Church to the present. Illustrated with line drawings and engravings. Symbols investigated: the color white, the alpha and the omega, the good shepherd, the invocatory cross.

History of DogmaHistory of Dogma
by Adolf von Harnack - Wipf & Stock Publishers , 2001
Adolf von Harnack was a German theologian and church historian. He traced the influence of Hellenistic philosophy on early Christian writing and questioned the authenticity of doctrines that arose in the early Christian church.

The Revelations of St Bridget and Church ReformThe Revelations of St Bridget and Church Reform
by Br. Sean Wright - thewandererpress.com , 2003
St Bridget of Sweden (1303-1373) was a widow, mother of eight, social and Church reformer, foundress of the Order of the Most Holy Savior - Brigittine Order. St Bridget is best known for the Revelations, the messages she received from God.

Hilaire Belloc: On the Catholic Church and the Modern WorldHilaire Belloc: On the Catholic Church and the Modern World
by Darrell Wright , 2008
Essays: the new paganism, on usury, the Catholic church and the modern state, the faith and industrial capitalism, the schools, science as the enemy of truth, the faith through the press, the approach to the skeptic, the modern phase, and more.

Christianity and Culture: Selections from the Writings of Christopher DawsonChristianity and Culture: Selections from the Writings of Christopher Dawson
by Br. Sean , 2008
Civilization and morals, cultural polarity and religious schism, an analysis of the causes of schism, the patriarchal family in history, stages in mankind's religious experience, the christian view of history, history and the christian revelation.