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Differential Equations and Linear AlgebraDifferential Equations and Linear Algebra
by Simon J.A. Malham - Heriot-Watt University , 2010
From the table of contents: Linear second order ODEs; Homogeneous linear ODEs; Non-homogeneous linear ODEs; Laplace transforms; Linear algebraic equations; Matrix Equations; Linear algebraic eigenvalue problems; Systems of differential equations.
Differential Equations with YouTube ExamplesDifferential Equations with YouTube Examples
by Jeffrey R. Chasnov - BookBoon , 2014
This book, together with the linked YouTube videos, reviews a first course on differential equations. The purpose is to help students prepare for their exams. Theory is summarized, and the solutions of questions are demonstrated in YouTube videos.

Examples of differential equations, with rules for their solutionExamples of differential equations, with rules for their solution
by George A. Osborne - Boston, Ginn & Company , 1899
This work has been prepared to meet a want in a course on the subject, arranged for advanced students in Physics. It could be used in connection with lectures on the theory of Differential Equations and the derivation of the methods of solution.
A First Course in Ordinary Differential EquationsA First Course in Ordinary Differential Equations
by Norbert Euler - Bookboon , 2015
The book consists of lecture notes intended for engineering and science students who are reading a first course in ordinary differential equations and who have already read a course on linear algebra, general vector spaces and integral calculus.
A Friendly Introduction to Differential EquationsA Friendly Introduction to Differential Equations
by Mohammed K A Kaabar , 2015
The book covers: The Laplace Transform, Systems of Homogeneous Linear Differential Equations, First and Higher Orders Differential Equations, Extended Methods of First and Higher Orders Differential Equations, Applications of Differential Equations.
Ordinary Differential Equations: A Systems ApproachOrdinary Differential Equations: A Systems Approach
by Bruce P. Conrad , 2010
This is a revision of a text that was on the market for a while. It focuses on systems of differential equations. Some popular topics, which were present in the original text, have been left out to concentrate on the initial value problem.
Elementary Differential EquationsElementary Differential Equations
by William F. Trench - Brooks Cole , 2001
This text has been written in clear and accurate language that students can read and comprehend. The author has minimized the number of explicitly state theorems and definitions, in favor of dealing with concepts in a more conversational manner.
Ordinary Differential EquationsOrdinary Differential Equations
by Wong Yan Loi - National University of Singapore , 2013
From the table of contents: First Order Differential Equations; Linear Differential Equations; Second Order Linear Differential Equations; Linear Differential Systems; Power Series Solutions; Fundamental Theory of Ordinary Differential Equations.
Second-order Ordinary Differential EquationsSecond-order Ordinary Differential Equations
by R.S. Johnson - Bookboon , 2012
This text provides an introduction to all the relevant material normally encountered at university level: series solution, special functions, Sturm-Liouville theory and the definition, properties and use of various integral transforms.
Integration and Differential EquationsIntegration and Differential Equations
by R.S. Johnson - BookBoon , 2012
Part I introduces the standard techniques of elementary integration and, in some cases, takes the ideas a little further. In Part II, ordinary differential equation are explored, and the solution methods for some standard types are explained.
Linearization via the Lie DerivativeLinearization via the Lie Derivative
by Carmen Chicone, Richard Swanson - American Mathematical Society , 2000
The proof of the Grobman-Hartman linearization theorem for a flow at a hyperbolic rest point proceeds by establishing the analogous result for hyperbolic fixed points of local diffeomorphisms. We present a proof that avoids the discrete case.
Periodic Solutions for Evolution EquationsPeriodic Solutions for Evolution Equations
by Mihai Bostan - American Mathematical Society , 2002
We study the existence and uniqueness of periodic solutions for evolution equations. We analyze the one-dimensional case, then for arbitrary dimensions. We consider linear symmetric operators. We prove the same results for non-linear operators.
The Contraction Mapping Principle and Some ApplicationsThe Contraction Mapping Principle and Some Applications
by Robert M. Brooks, Klaus Schmitt - American Mathematical Society , 2009
These notes contain various versions of the contraction mapping principle. Several applications to existence theorems in differential and integral equations and variational inequalities are given. Also discussed are Hilbert's projective metric.
Lectures on Differential EquationsLectures on Differential Equations
by Craig A. Tracy - University of California , 2011
From the table of contents: Pendulum and MatLab; First Order Equations; Second Order Linear Equations; Difference Equations; Matrix Differential Equations; Weighted String; Quantum Harmonic Oscillator; Laplace Transform, etc.
A Second Course in Elementary Ordinary Differential EquationsA Second Course in Elementary Ordinary Differential Equations
by Marcel B. Finan - Arkansas Tech University , 2006
Calculus of Matrix-Valued Functions of a Real Variable; nth Order Linear Differential Equations; General Solution of nth Order Linear Homogeneous Equations; Fundamental Sets and Linear Independence; Higher Order Homogeneous Linear Equations; etc.
A First Course in Elementary Differential EquationsA First Course in Elementary Differential Equations
by Marcel B. Finan - Arkansas Tech University , 2006
Contents: Basic Terminology; Qualitative Analysis: Direction Field of y'=f(t,y); Existence and Uniqueness of Solutions to First Order Linear IVP; Solving First Order Linear Homogeneous DE; Solving First Order Linear Non Homogeneous DE; etc.
Introduction to the Galois Theory of Linear Differential EquationsIntroduction to the Galois Theory of Linear Differential Equations
by Michael F. Singer - arXiv , 2008
The author's goal was to give the audience an introduction to the algebraic, analytic and algorithmic aspects of the Galois theory of linear differential equations by focusing on some of the main ideas and philosophies and on examples.
Differential EquationsDifferential Equations
by H. B. Phillips - John Wiley & Sons , 1922
With the formal exercise in solving the usual types of ordinary differential equations it is the object of this text to combine a thorough drill in the solution of problems in which the student sets up and integrates his own differential equation.
Real Functions in One Variable: Simple Differential Equations IReal Functions in One Variable: Simple Differential Equations I
by Leif Mejlbro - BookBoon , 2007
Some examples of simple differential equations. The book covers separation of variables, linear differential equation of first order, the existence and uniqueness theorem, the Bernoulli differential equation, and the setup of model equations.
Ordinary Differential Equations and Dynamical SystemsOrdinary Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems
by Gerald Teschl - Universitaet Wien , 2009
This book provides an introduction to ordinary differential equations and dynamical systems. We start with some simple examples of explicitly solvable equations. Then we prove the fundamental results concerning the initial value problem.
Nonlinear Analysis and Differential EquationsNonlinear Analysis and Differential Equations
by Klaus Schmitt, Russell C. Thompson - University of Utah , 2004
The intent of this set of notes is to present several of the important existence theorems for solutions of various types of problems associated with differential equations and provide qualitative and quantitative descriptions of solutions.
Lectures on Analytic Differential EquationsLectures on Analytic Differential Equations
by Yulij Ilyashenko, Sergei Yakovenko - American Mathematical Society , 2007
A graduate-level textbook and survey of the recent results on analysis and geometry of differential equations in the real and complex domain. The book includes self-contained demonstrations of several fundamental results.