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Electromechanisms: ServomechanismsElectromechanisms: Servomechanisms
by Perry A. McNeil, Dewey A. Yeager - Delmar Publishers , 1972
Intended to provide a meaningful experience with servomechanisms for students of modern technology. The topics included provide exposure to basic principles of synchromechanisms, as well as an introduction to analog and digital control systems.

Geometry and Screw Theory for RoboticsGeometry and Screw Theory for Robotics
by Stefano Stramigioli, Herman Bruyninckx - Universita di Verona , 2001
Contents: Motion of a Rigid Body; Serial kinematic chain (Configuration kinematics, Differential kinematics of serial chains, Dynamics of serial chains); Interaction and Control; Projective geometry and kinematic; Introduction to Lie groups.

Robot Localization and Map BuildingRobot Localization and Map Building
by Hanafiah Yussof - InTech , 2010
Localization and mapping are the essence of successful navigation in mobile platform technology. This book describes theories and applications related to localization, positioning and map building in mobile robot and autonomous vehicle platforms.

Remote and TeleroboticsRemote and Telerobotics
by Nicolas Mollet - InTech , 2010
The book presents works about controlling distant robotics entities, namely the field of telerobotics, proposing advanced technics concerning time delay compensation, error handling, autonomous systems, secured and complex distant manipulations, etc.

Robot Manipulators: Trends and DevelopmentRobot Manipulators: Trends and Development
by Agustin Jimenez, Basil M Al Hadithi - InTech , 2010
This book presents recent research advances in robot manipulators. It offers a survey to the kinematic and dynamic modelling, computer vision, software engineering, optimization and design of control algorithms applied for robotic systems.

Mobile Robots NavigationMobile Robots Navigation
by Alejandra Barrera - InTech , 2010
The book demonstrates the progress of devices, systems, models and architectures in supporting the navigational behavior of mobile robots. Topics: Sensory perception; Robot localization; Path planning; Obstacle avoidance; and more.

Cutting Edge Robotics 2010Cutting Edge Robotics 2010
by Vedran Kordic - InTech , 2010
Robotics research, especially mobile robotics is a young field. This book is a result of inspirations and contributions from many researchers worldwide. It presents a collection of a wide range of research results in robotics scientific community.

Service Robot ApplicationsService Robot Applications
by Yoshihiko Takahashi - InTech , 2008
This book provides new ideas, original results and practical experiences regarding service robotics. The text provides only a small example of this research activity, but it covers a great deal of what has been done in the field recently.

Recent Advances in Multi Robot SystemsRecent Advances in Multi Robot Systems
by Aleksandar Lazinica - InTech , 2008
This book is focused on the challenging issues of team architectures, vehicle learning and adaptation, heterogeneous group control and cooperation, task selection, dynamic autonomy, mixed initiative, and human and robot team interaction.

New Approaches in Automation and RoboticsNew Approaches in Automation and Robotics
by Harald Aschemann - InTech , 2008
The book offers a collection of recent developments in automation, robotics as well as control theory. It is dedicated to researchers in science and industry, students, and practicing engineers, who wish to update and enhance their knowledge.

Mobile Robots: Towards New ApplicationsMobile Robots: Towards New Applications
by Aleksandar Lazinica - InTech , 2006
Various aspects of current research areas and disciplines are explored and discussed. The book is divided in three main parts covering different research areas: Humanoid Robots, Human-Robot Interaction, and Special Applications.

Industrial Robotics: Programming, Simulation and ApplicationsIndustrial Robotics: Programming, Simulation and Applications
by Low Kin Huat - InTech , 2006
This book covers a wide range of topics relating to advanced industrial robotics, sensors and automation technologies. These papers represent some of the latest cutting edge technologies and advancements in industrial robotics technology.

Humanoid Robots: New DevelopmentsHumanoid Robots: New Developments
by Armando Carlos de Pina Filho - InTech , 2007
For many years, the human being has been trying to recreate the complex mechanisms that form the human body. This book presents the researches carried through by various researchers worldwide, discussing diverse subjects related to humanoid robots.

Frontiers in Robotics, Automation and ControlFrontiers in Robotics, Automation and Control
by Alexander Zemliak - InTech , 2008
The book covers modeling and practical realization of robotic control for different applications, problems of stability and robustness, automation in algorithm and program developments with application in speech signal processing, and more.

Bioinspiration and Robotics: Walking and Climbing RobotsBioinspiration and Robotics: Walking and Climbing Robots
by Maki K. Habib - InTech , 2007
Nature has always been a source of inspiration and ideas for the robotics community. New solutions and technologies are required and hence this book is coming out to address and deal with the main challenges facing walking and climbing robots.

Automation and RoboticsAutomation and Robotics
by Juan Manuel Ramos Arreguin - InTech , 2008
Selected papers in the field of automation and robotics. Covered are topics such as artificial intelligence, modeling and simulation process, target tracking algorithms, kinematic constraints of the closed loops, non-linear control, etc.

Advances in Service RoboticsAdvances in Service Robotics
by Ho Seok Ahn - IN-TECH , 2008
The book on current research results of service robots. Topics covered include various kinds of service robots, development environments, architectures of service robots, Human-Robot Interaction, networks of service robots, sensor network, etc.

Advances in Robotics, Automation and ControlAdvances in Robotics, Automation and Control
by Jesus Aramburo, Antonio R. Trevino - InTech , 2008
Overview of the recent developments in the areas of robotics, automation and control. The book presents topics related to control and robot design, introduces mathematical tools and techniques devoted to improve the system modeling and control.

Mobile RoboticsMobile Robotics
by Paul Michael Newman , 2003
This is a brief survey of navigating mobile platforms or robots. The course is an extension of the B4 estimation course covering linear and non-linear Kalman Filtering. The estimation part of the lectures is applicable to many areas of engineering.