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Dominant SpeciesDominant Species
by Ben L. Hughes - Smashwords , 2014
A medical breakthrough has just changed the future of humankind forever. Under the biological enhancement program, ordinary people can live a life virtually free from disease and illness. The majority accepts the procedure and becomes augmented ...
Prospero's Half-LifeProspero's Half-Life
by Trevor Zaple - Smashwords , 2014
Richard Adams loves his job -- or maybe he just wants to ignore everything that's going on outside of it. As the world rapidly turns into a plague-filled charnel house, Richard keeps on running his store as though nothing has changed ...

The Undeniable LabyrinthThe Undeniable Labyrinth
by Alan Alaric Roi , 2011
This is the story of Althea Ram, exile from the remains of a vast galactic civilization, driven to unravel the truth of what caused the apocalypse that destroyed it - the wonders and horrors of her universe. It is a science-fiction oddyssey...
Glory - Book OneGlory - Book One
by Michael McManamon - Smashwords , 2013
Faced with the threat of people who have mysteriously changed into crazed zombie-like maniacs, and the dangers of a world with no electricity or running water, no protective services, those who haven't turned are forced to find a way to survive.
by Matthew Fish , 2013
Eight years after a virus caused half of the population of the world to go mentally unstable, a man named Ethan chase signs up to become a caretaker for two unstables. One of them, a 'Mirror' and the other a highly functioning 'Amnesiac.'
by Peter Watts - Tor Books , 2001
This is the way the world ends: A nuclear strike on a deep sea vent. The target was an ancient microbe -- voracious enough to drive the biosphere to extinction -- and a handful of amphibious humans called rifters who'd inadvertently released it.
The End: Visions of ApocalypseThe End: Visions of Apocalypse
by N. E. White (ed.) - Smashwords , 2012
This compilation brings together short stories by award-winning science fiction and fantasy authors Hugh Howey, Michael J. Sullivan and Tristis Ward. Each story explores a different end of the world in this first-of-its-kind anthology.
The Lost ContinentThe Lost Continent
by Edgar Rice Burroughs - Project Gutenberg , 1994
The novel, set in the year 2137, was heavily influenced by the events of WWI. In the future world depicted in the novel, Europe has descended into barbarism while politically united Western Hemisphere remains sheltered from the destruction.
Darkness and DawnDarkness and Dawn
by George Allan England - Project Gutenberg , 1912
The Pioneering Novel of New York After the Fall - the end of the 3rd millennium. Monumental buildings in ruins. Central Park a jungle peopled by savage sub-humans. A huge black shape moving across the night sky occluding the stars.
Lord of the WorldLord of the World
by Robert Hugh Benson - Feedbooks , 1907
Lord of the World is a 1908 apocalyptic novel by Benson. The novel imagines a socialist and humanist world where religion has been either suppressed or ignored. People have no history or hope so they often turn to euthanasia, which is legal.
Darkness and the LightDarkness and the Light
by Olaf Stapledon - eBooks@Adelaide , 2009
Written in the darkest days of World War II, this book focuses on the concept of the Darkness and the Light, and a decision point in the future of which path the human race will take resulting from a Tibetan Renaissance which will take place.
City at World's EndCity at World's End
by Edmond Hamilton - ManyBooks , 1951
The pleasant little American city of Middletown is the first target in an atomic war -- but instead of blowing Middletown to smithereens, the super-hydrogen bomb blows it right off the map -- to somewhere else in the unimaginably far-distant future.
This Crowded EarthThis Crowded Earth
by Robert Bloch - Project Gutenberg , 2008
This Crowded Earth is a taut and compelling story about an all too possible future. Earth is overcrowded and its resources are being taxed to the limit. The government has a desperate plan, but will it work and at what price?
Spell of ApocalypseSpell of Apocalypse
by Mayer Alan Brenner , 1993
In the zany conclusion of The Dance of Gods tetrology, the various warring factions of good and evil come together to resolve their separate destinies. Whose magic will prove mightiest in this final showdown between gods, mortals, and other beings?
The Poison BeltThe Poison Belt
by Arthur Conan Doyle - eBooks@Adelaide , 2009
Professor Challenger, his wife, journalist Malone and adventurer Roxton have gathered with oxygen canisters to watch the final hours of the world. As a poisonous miasma apparently asphyxiates the human race, Malone feverishly writes his copy.
The Last ManThe Last Man
by Mary Shelley - eBooks@Adelaide , 2008
Set in an apocalyptic future ending in the year 2100, this novel concerns a plague that destroys almost all of humankind. Published in 1826 after the death of her husband and three children, The Last Man is Shelley's look at an apocalyptic future.
After London, or Wild EnglandAfter London, or Wild England
by Richard Jefferies - eBooks@Adelaide , 2009
Science fiction novel which describes an England of the distant future in which most of the people have died and a swamp covers the site of old London. The hero of the story sets out on a quest to win the hand of the daughter of a neighboring baron.