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Europe in the Middle AgesEurope in the Middle Ages
by I. L. Plunket - Oxford University Press , 1922
The history of Mediaeval Europe is so vast a subject that the attempt to deal with it in a small compass must entail either severe compression or what may appear reckless omission. I venture to claim for the present book a pioneer path of 'omission'.

A People's History of Modern EuropeA People's History of Modern Europe
by William A. Pelz - Pluto Press , 2016
From the monarchical terror of the Middle Ages to the mangled Europe of the Twenty-first Century, A People's History of Modern Europe tracks the history of the continent through the deeds of those whom mainstream history tries to forget.

The First World War and the End of the Habsburg Monarchy, 1914-1918The First World War and the End of the Habsburg Monarchy, 1914-1918
by Manfried Rauchensteiner - Böhlau , 2014
The origins of World War I were different and varied. In this new work on World War I and its devastating consequences, Manfried Rauchensteiner offers the most detailed and insightful military history of the fall of the Habsburg Empire to date.

Destination Europe: The political and economic growth of a continentDestination Europe: The political and economic growth of a continent
by Kjell M. Torbiorn - Manchester University Press , 2003
Destination Europe interprets and interrelates the major political, economic and security developments in Europe from the end of the Second World War up until the present time and looks ahead to how the continent may evolve politically in the future.

Rapunzel's Children: The making of democracy in GermanyRapunzel's Children: The making of democracy in Germany
by Tim Mellage - Smashwords , 2014
The book provides a fascinating method to understanding the social developments of Germany over the past five hundred years -- starting with the Reformation of 1517, to the modern democratic state today -- based on the symbols from the fairy tale.

A Source Book for Mediaeval HistoryA Source Book for Mediaeval History
by E.H. McNeal, O.J. Thatcher - Charles Scribner's Sons , 1903
Our purpose in general has been to present material touching only the most important matters of the whole medieval period. We have tried to offer in usable form illustrative material which may be of service to both teacher and student.

Pompeii, Its Life and ArtPompeii, Its Life and Art
by August Mau - The Macmillan Company , 1902
For twenty-five years Professor Mau has devoted himself to the study of Pompeii, spending his summers among the ruins and his winters in Rome. He holds a unique place among the scholars who have given attention to Pompeian antiquities...

The History of Peter the Great, Emperor of RussiaThe History of Peter the Great, Emperor of Russia
by Voltaire - Leavitt & Allen , 426
Peter the Great was tall, genteel, well made, with a noble aspect, piercing eyes and a robust constitution, fitted for all kinds of hardship and bodily exercise. He had a sound understanding, which is the basis of all real abilities ...

History and CivilizationHistory and Civilization
by Mark Damen - Utah State University , 2012
The purpose of this course is to survey the development of various Western civilizations from antiquity through the late Middle Ages. Our goal is to advance your skills in articulating issues centering around historical events and figures.

The German WarThe German War
by Arthur Conan Doyle - Hodder and Stoughton , 1914
These essays, upon different phases of the drama which has made our lifetime memorable, would be unworthy of republication were it not that at such a time every smallest thing which may help to clear up a doubt, should be thrown into the scale.

Europe in the Sixteenth Century 1494-1598Europe in the Sixteenth Century 1494-1598
by A. H. Johnson - Rivingtons , 1909
A singularly clear, thorough, and consistent account of the great movements and great events of the time. Mr. Johnson was well known as one of the most experienced and successful teachers of history at Oxford, and the book has all the merits...

A General Sketch of the European WarA General Sketch of the European War
by Hilaire Belloc - Nelson , 1915
It is the object of this book to put before the reader the main lines of the European War as it proceeds. Each such part must necessarily be completed and issued some little time after the events to which it relates have passed into history.

An Introduction to the History of Western EuropeAn Introduction to the History of Western Europe
by James Harvey Robinson - Ginn & company , 1902
The excellence of Robinson's 'History of Western Europe' has been attested by the immediate and widespread adoption of the book in many of the best schools and colleges of the country. It is an epoch-making text-book on the subject.

A History of SpainA History of Spain
by Charles E. Chapman - The Macmillan Company , 1918
The present work is an attempt to give in one volume the main features of Spanish history from the standpoint of America. It should serve almost equally well for residents of both the English-speaking and the Spanish American countries.

A Short History of RussiaA Short History of Russia
by Mary Platt Parmele - Charles Scribners' Sons , 1907
The book gives a good overview of the history of social and political life in the Russia from the earliest times to about the turn of the 20th century. The author's style is a flowing narrative that ties together the various historical events.

A Thousand Years of Russian HistoryA Thousand Years of Russian History
by Sonia E. Howe - Williams and Norgate , 1915
The aim in this book is to convey general impressions of the various stages passed through by Russia in the course of her evolution, and to give sketches of the lives of those rulers who have stamped their era with the mark of their personality.

Witch, Warlock, and MagicianWitch, Warlock, and Magician
by W. H. Davenport Adams - J. W. Bouton , 1889
The author gives a general introduction to alchemy in Europe and traces the development of magic and alchemy in England from the fourteenth century onwards. Adams established himself as a popular science writer, translator and lexicographer.

Russia in the ShadowsRussia in the Shadows
by H. G. Wells - eBooks@Adelaide , 2011
The book depicts the grim situation of Russia during the civil war. On his trip Wells met many people and came away from this experience pessimistic about the future of Russia, noting that it was slipping into anarchy and even greater backwardness.

A History of GermanyA History of Germany
by Bayard Taylor - Project Gutenberg , 2011
My aim has been to present a clear narrative, omitting no episode of importance, yet preserving a distinct line of connection from century to century. Besides referring to the best authorities, I have based my labors mainly upon three recent works.

The Berlin Wall: 20 Years LaterThe Berlin Wall: 20 Years Later
by Michael Jay Friedman, George Clack - U. S. Department of State , 2009
The Berlin Wall marked the geopolitical and ideological cleavage of Cold War Europe. Its demise marked the triumph of western models of personal autonomy and economic entrepreneurialism, and of the desire to live in freedom.

Sawdust Caesar: The Untold History of Mussolini and FascismSawdust Caesar: The Untold History of Mussolini and Fascism
by George Seldes - Harper & Brothers Publishers , 1935
To understand Fascism it is necessary to know its suppressed history and the mind and actions of its spiritual father, and it is the purpose of this book to present documented facts, so that the reader can comprehend the origins of Fascism in Italy.

Chronicles of the House of BorgiaChronicles of the House of Borgia
by Frederick Rolfe - G. Richards , 1901
From 1455 to 1572, Borgia sprang to the pedestal of fame ; leaping at a bound, from little bishoprics and cardinalates, to the terrible altitude of Peter's Throne ; producing, in those few years, two Popes, and a Saint and General of Jesuits.

Stalin's Loyal Executioner: People's Commissar Nikolai Ezhov, 1895-1940Stalin's Loyal Executioner: People's Commissar Nikolai Ezhov, 1895-1940
by Marc Jansen, Nikita Petrov - Hoover Institution Press , 2002
Stalin's Loyal Executioner, drawn from still-classified Soviet archives, chronicles the meteoric and bloody career of Nikolai Ezhov, NKVD leader and security chief, revealing the tragic scope of communist terrorism under Joseph Stalin.

Lenin's Brain and Other Tales from the Secret Soviet ArchivesLenin's Brain and Other Tales from the Secret Soviet Archives
by Paul R. Gregory - Hoover Institution Press , 2008
An enlightening look into the once-secret Soviet state and party archives that Western scholars first gained access to in the 1990s. Paul Gregory breaks down a decades-old wall of secrecy to reveal intriguing new information on various subjects.

The History of the Thirty Years' WarThe History of the Thirty Years' War
by Friedrich Schiller - A. L. Burt , 1897
This is the only collected edition of the principal works of Schiller which is accessible to English readers. Detached poems or dramas have been translated at various times, since the first publication of the original works.

Henry IV, Makers of HistoryHenry IV, Makers of History
by John S. C. Abbott - Project Gutenberg , 1009
There is no portion of history fraught with more valuable instruction than the period of those terrible religious wars which desolated the sixteenth century. There is no romance so wild as the veritable history of those times.

Stalin and the Spanish Civil WarStalin and the Spanish Civil War
by Daniel Kowalsky - Columbia University Press , 2004
The Spanish Civil War of 1936-39 has spawned a vast historiography of competing interpretations. In the six decades since the Nationalist victory, the gradual declassification of thousands of documents associated with the war has increased.

Nuremberg: The Last BattleNuremberg: The Last Battle
by David Irving - Focal Point Publications , 1996
This book is an intimate look at the origins and conduct of the first post-war trial of major war criminals held at Nuremberg from 1945 to 1946. It has as its nucleus a series of articles which the author wrote in the late 1960s.

Europe in Retrospect: A Brief History of the Past Two Hundred YearsEurope in Retrospect: A Brief History of the Past Two Hundred Years
by Raymond F. Betts - D C Heath & Co , 1979
To know something of Europe's history is to know something of our world today. This text is designed to assist in such an understanding. It is addressed to those introductory students who want an overview rather than a heavily detailed account.

Athens from Cleisthenes to PericlesAthens from Cleisthenes to Pericles
by C. W. Fornara, L. J. Samons - University of California Press , 1991
This book covers the history of the Alcmeonid family of Cleisthenes and Pericles, the nature and development of Athenian democracy, the growth of Athenian empire, and the burgeoning antagonism between Athens and Sparta.

The Loss of the S.S. Titanic: Its Story and Its LessonsThe Loss of the S.S. Titanic: Its Story and Its Lessons
by Lawrence Beesley - Historical Text Archive , 2000
Lawrence Beesley boarded the Titanic to go for a holiday in the States. His account of the epic disaster is widely regarded as one of the fairest and most comprehensive of its kind. Full of nautical detail and written with a hair-raising clarity.

Manners, Customs, and Dress During the Middle Ages, and During the Renaissance PeriodManners, Customs, and Dress During the Middle Ages, and During the Renaissance Period
by Paul Lacroix - D. Appleton , 1874
Elements of feudalism; Private life; Food and cookery; Hunting; Games and pastimes; Commerce; Guilds and trade corporations; Finance; Law and the administration; Secret tribunals; Refinements of penal cruelty; Tortures; Gypsies, tramps, beggars.

Wall Street and the Rise of HitlerWall Street and the Rise of Hitler
by Antony C. Sutton - G S G & Associates , 1976
This book describes the role of the Wall Street financial elite in the 1933 seizure of power by Adolf Hitler in Germany. Contemporary academic histories, with perhaps the sole exception of Carroll Quigley's Tragedy And Hope, ignore this evidence.

Prince Henry the NavigatorPrince Henry the Navigator
by C. Raymond Beazley - G.P. Putnam's Sons , 1901
An account of the progress of geographical knowledge and enterprise in Christendom throughout the Middle Ages, as well as a life of Prince Henry the Navigator, who brought this movement of European Expansion within sight of its greatest successes.

European HistoryEuropean History
- Wikibooks , 2007
This texbook presents a broad historic overview of the period of European history from the middle ages to the present day (roughly between 1000 and 2000), a story concerning the activities of our collective ancestors, closely based on real events.

The Southern Slav Question and the Habsburg MonarchyThe Southern Slav Question and the Habsburg Monarchy
by R. W. Seton-Watson - Constable & Co. , 1911
No country in Europe presents such a variety of complicated problems as the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy; and among these, none is more pressing than the Southern Slav Question. In it are involved the future fortunes of the whole Croat and Serb race.

Early European HistoryEarly European History
by Hutton Webster - D.C. Heath & Co , 1917
This book gives a concise account of human progress during ancient, medieval, and early modern times. It should meet the requirements of those high schools and preparatory schools where ancient history is being supplanted by a more extended course.

Reading In Modern European HistoryReading In Modern European History
by Hutton Webster - D. C. Heath And Company , 1926
This volume of supplementary readings for a high-school course in modern European history consists of extracts from memoirs, letters, speeches, and other sources of information for the great events and personalities of the last three hundred years.

The History of The CrusadesThe History of The Crusades
by J. Fr. Michaud - A. C. Armstrong & Son , 1900
The Crusades have a deeper significance than any isolated personages or events ever possess. They brought two civilizations into conflict, and no events are more important than those which secure the contact of different civilizations.

A History of IrelandA History of Ireland
by Edmund Curtis - University Paperbacks , 1922
The traditions of the Irish people are the oldest of any race in Europe north and west of the Alps, and they themselves are the longest settled on their own soil. The book covers Ireland history from the origins to circa 1922.

Revolutions of 1848: A Social HistoryRevolutions of 1848: A Social History
by Priscilla Robertson - Princeton University Press , 1952
There must have been over 50 revolutions in Europe in 1848, including those in the German, Italian and Austrian provinces. This book is a social history, its aim is to show how people lived 150 years ago rather than to describe other factors.

The Later Middle Ages, 1272-1485The Later Middle Ages, 1272-1485
by George Holmes - W. W. Norton & Company, Inc. , 1966
An intelligible introduction to this period of history for those who are reading about it for the first time. The book combines a clear narrative with an analysis of many aspects of history: social, economic, religious, cultural and so forth.

The Young Hitler I KnewThe Young Hitler I Knew
by August E. V. Anderson - Houghton Mifflin Company , 1955
An extraordinary memoir by a man who actually met Hitler in 1904. Their passion for music created a friendship, and a roommate situation. This book deals with the darkest, perhaps the most formative, and the most interesting period of Hitler's life.